Mother’s Day Gifts any Mom would love

Mother’s Day is next month, if you haven’t started thinking about what you want to do or give on Mother’s Day, I have a few ideas that could work for you.

Here are my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas any Mom would love

Gift ideas for Mom
Gift ideas for mom at any stage of motherhood.

Gifts made by the people who love them

Handmade gifts:  All moms, grandmas, great grandmas, and aunties love things made by their kids, grand-kids, nieces, and nephews, especially when little hands and feet are featured. The sight of these handmade treasures usually brings a tear to the eye. Here are hand and foot flowers that I made inspired by the many ideas on Pinterest.

Handprint Canvas painting
Flowers made using my boys’ hands and a little foot. You will need a canvas, paint, foam paint brushes, marker and your kiddos’ hands or feet. You could paint the whole canvas or leave it white.

Make a meal: There is the classic breakfast in bed for mom, Mother’s Day brunch or make her dinner with an amazing dessert. Does your mom love chocolate? You could impress her with Molten Chocolate cake!

Gift of Time

Time off:  I remember as a new mom, I fell into the all too common pattern of the baby first all the time. So much so, it would be days since I had a shower. My husband would have to remind me it’s ok, to put the baby in the bouncer outside of the shower and take one; he will be ok. Offer to take care of the baby, so the new mommy can do something she likes, go to lunch with a friend, or just get out of the house.

Time with you:  This gift is nice for a teen or grown child to give. Sometimes mom just wants to spend time with you! Take your mom out to do something she likes, spend the day together.

I think about all the time my mom gave me growing up and how much time and care I am giving to my little boys. I hope that as they get older and more independent that they will want to take some time just to hang out with me, at least every once in a while. I know my mom loves to spend time with all of her grown children.

Time with the grand-kids: If your mom is a grandma like mine, you can give her the gift of time with her beautiful grandchildren. I admit this one is a little self-serving, since time with their Gigi, leaves self-care time for mommy. 

Something Unique and Handmade

Check out this link featuring some amazing artists and makers who have beautiful and unique items perfect for Mother’s Day available in their Etsy shops.  See if you can find one of my items on this board!

Big thank you to Jenn Davis of Marie Clarie Designs for putting together this Pinterest board and featuring so many hardworking makers and artisans. If you are in the market for beautifully handcrafted jewelry featuring leather and copper, you need to check out Marie Claire Designs.

Favorite Things

Think about what she likes to do or something she loves. Does your mom like to garden, bake, cook, read, craft, knit, travel or be pampered?  

Build her a box/basket/bag or jar gift based on what she loves. For example, my mom loves to garden. Digging in the dirt is one of her favorite pastimes.  Last year, we gave my mom a Gardener’s Bag, a tote bag full of gardening supplies. I included: gardening gloves, a garden knee pad, sun hat, and the painting of my boys’ handprints as flowers.


Gift card for manicure/pedicure/massage: If the mom in your life needs a little more prodding to leave baby or kids for a bit, add a gift card to your gift of time. Or surprise her and do some self-care together.  With a gift card, there are no excuses not to go and get pampered.

mother's day gift ideas
Gifts Ideas for the ladies in your life

I hope this list helped you to start thinking about what you want to do for the mothers in your life.



14 Replies to “Mother’s Day Gifts any Mom would love”

    1. Hello Marni, Thank you for reading. Handmade gifts from little hands are adorable and I love them so much. I know my boys are going to get so big, so I really cherish the little handprints. The beach also sounds like a lovely gift!

  1. YES, self-care, self-care, self-care. Moms never get to pamper themselves as much as they would like to or need to. Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to do that.

    1. Hello Meg, thank you for reading. Self-care is so important and it is probably the hardest gift to give since moms have a hard time taking time for themselves, but we should all try to find some time each day for ourselves, even 15 minutes.

    1. Hi Luna, Thank you for reading! I love to make handmade gifts to pair with something I know my mom would love. Last year’s garden tote bag with gloves and the handprint canvas from my boys was a big hit.

    1. Thank you for reading Brittney!Yes, time off or a little time to ourselves is so refreshing and refills the patient well.

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