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Welcome to Discovering Whimsy!

I’m so glad you found my happy little space on the internet. On this site,  I’ll share blog posts about crafts, family traditions, recipes, travel and other things that bring me joy. You can check out my blog by clicking this link.  

I’ll also share my cards and other gifts that I make/design for purchase. You can check out one of my featured items here.

Through my handmade card sets, I want to make it easier and more convenient for busy women to practice gratitude, build each other up and show appreciation.

We are so used to transactional approval, like this, love that, but we need to spend more time really thinking about how someone makes our life better and we need to tell them. One of the best ways to experience gratitude is to express it.

By reflecting on the everyday things that bring me joy, I hope to help you find yours!!

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“Follow your whims; you just might find joy!!! “

-Amy, creator, owner, and chief whimsy seeker