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Welcome to Discovering Whimsy!

I am so glad you found my happy little space on the internet. On this site, I will share blogs about crafts, family traditions, recipes, travel and other things that bring me joy. 

By reflecting on my joy, I hope to help you find yours!!

I hope you are doing well and 2018 off to a good start!!!

Instead of resolutions, I have noticed a trend of selecting a word to be the theme of the new year. I decided that mine would be gratitude. 

I am so grateful for the many kind people I have met during the last year of blogging and I am grateful to those who read and interact with my content.

You may have noticed that discoveringwhimsy.com has been down for a bit. I had some technical difficulties in December and in the end, had to delete my whole site and start over.  While at first, I was really bummed about deleting my all my hard work from last year, but instead of giving up, I decided to be grateful for the learning experience I gained trying to fix the problems and for the chance to make some changes to my site.

During the next week, I will be continuing to breathe life back into my site and adding content.

“Follow your whims, you just might find joy!!! “

-Amy, creator, owner, and chief whimsy seeker




Cards and Gifts


Cards and Gifts by Discovering Whimsy


I have lots of fun cards and gifts in my Etsy shop! You can find me by clicking the link or searching for DiscoveringWhimsy on the Etsy website.

My Favorite cards are my Multi-message cards.

Have you been frustrated looking at your stash of cards realizing that you do not have the card you need for an upcoming occasion?

Or is it difficult to make time to run to the store to purchase a card you need?

Or you would like to include more gratitude into your routine?

Then my multi-message cards are perfect for you. You can find different patterns in my Etsy shop. I am also willing to create custom medallions for you. You want sentiments in Spanish, French, Italian etc. let me know! Or do you have a funny saying with your friends that you want put on cards for everyone?

multi-message card set example
Here is an example of my multi-message card set. 4 cards, white envelopes, message medallions or stickers and coordinating gift tags. I have lots of different colors and beautiful patterns!

If you are interested in having me send you some happy mail you can send out to your loved ones feel free to fill out the form below!!!

Review of my products by Robin of the Mamaplaybook